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Oxygen Entkalkung Brausetabletten(10 Stück/Set)

Oxygen Entkalkung Brausetabletten(10 Stück/Set)

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🌿 Introducing our revolutionary multipurpose water-soluble effervescent tablets - the clean and convenient future.🌿

These effervescent tablets are designed to make your cleaning tasks easier, eco-friendly, and more efficient than ever before. Whether you're dealing with kitchen mess, bathroom grime, household surfaces, or even small appliances and soiled laundry, these effervescent tablets are your ultimate cleaning solution.🥘🍵

 Main Features 

1. Active Oxygen Technology: Our tablets are powered by oxygen activation, which can efficiently break down stains and mineral deposits. This technology ensures a deep purification of the products you clean.

2. Effervescent Action: Just place the effervescent tablet into a cup of warm water, then observe it fizz and dissolve. The effervescent tablet can reach every corner and crevice of the cleaning product you need, ensuring a thorough clean.

3. Eco-Friendly: We care about the environment. The formulas of these tablets are environmentally responsible, so you can use these products guilt-free.

4. Eliminate Odors: Say goodbye to the lingering tea or coffee odors in your cups, or the grease stains on your cookware, and the stains on your clothes. Our effervescent tablets will make them smell fresh and clean.

5. Easy to Use: Convenient packaging, 1 box containing 10 tablets, making them easy to use whether you're on the go or at home.

✅ Application areas:

  • Household appliances: Coffee machines, kettles, dishwashers, pots, washing machines, etc.
  • Kitchen supplies: Bowls, tea cups, coffee cups, etc.
  • Clothing: Clothing, pants, shoes.


💫 Why Choose Our Oxygen Effervescent Tablets 💫

🛡️ Multi-Functional Stain Removal: Solve a variety of stain problems, one piece at hand, worry-free washing.

🌊 Dense Foam: Thick foam ensures a comprehensive clean so your cleansed products look like new.

🍃 Fresh Fragrance: Fresh fragrance, it emits a pleasant aroma after washing, which is intoxicating.

🌟 Customer Reviews 🌟

⭐⭐ "This active oxygen effervescent tablet is great, my cup looks like new after washing, and there are no stains!" - Satisfied customer.

⭐ "The dense foam is really amazing, every inch is covered, and it washes very clean!" - Cleaning enthusiast.

⭐ “I can’t put it down because of the fresh fragrance. It feels like a new one every time I wash it!” - Fragrance Addict.

✅ How to Use!!!
Fill your tea cup or teapot with warm water.

Drop one tablet into the water.

Wait for the tablet to dissolve and the effervescence to work its magic (usually a few minutes).

Rinse your teaware thoroughly with water.

🌟Make cleaning a joy, not a chore. Order your All-Purpose Washable Effervescent Tablets now and discover the future of cleaning convenience.

Start using these versatile water-soluble effervescent tablets now and experience a new level of cleaning efficiency and eco-consciousness. Say goodbye to traditional cleaning products and welcome a cleaner, fresher, and greener home. Using these innovative effervescent tablets makes every cleaning task a breeze.

Product Specification

  • Box of 10 capsules, 5 grams per capsule

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